NCC Pride


NCC Boys Division 2018-19

DAV Centenary College NCC Naval Wing Boys Division has a strong strength of 33 cadets on its roll, currently. Our college boys division has been bursting with activities all through the year, with numerous activities like as camps, visits, excursions, participation, inspection, functions and programmes, organising or participating at the college unit, command, group, directorate, national and international levels through various camps, competitions and expeditions and youth exchange programmes. A brief but exhaustive bird’s eye view will reflect an image and give an idea about the exhaustive way of the NCC (boys division) of this college has been carrying out commendable jobs throughout the academic session 2018-19

Republic Day Camp

New Delhi – 01st Jan to 30th Jan 2019

After hardest possible training through six republic day camp in a row – from basic to Pre-R.D. Camps our cadet Aditya Raj, tparticipate in PM’S RALLY . He represented Haryana state as well as Punjab directorate in this prestigious camp which was conducted for a month at parade Ground, Delhi Cantonment from 01st Jan to 30th Jan 2019. It was really just like touching the pin, by clearing all the hurdles from bottom to top.

Participation of NCC Cadet in Republic Day Camp

 It is a matter of great pride to D.A.V. College that  cadet Aditya Raj  from boys unit ,was selected to attend and represent Haryana state and Punjab Directorate NCC in National Republic Day Parade at PM’s rally, New Delhi on 28th Jan 2019. The entire selection process was conducted over period of nearly four months which involved three training camps at Group Level and two camps at Directorate level and finally one month of training at the RD Camp. These cadets, having through the tough selection process/ training were indeed among the best in the county and therefore deserve the highest appreciation for their outstanding achievement. The Governor of Haryana honoured these cadets by giving Rs. 11000/- cash prize each.

Annual Traning Camp

Damdama Sohna Haryana

20 JAN to 30 JAN 2019

 The annual training camp of 1 Haryana Naval NCC Unit Faridabad was held at children village Damdama lake Sohna from 20 JAN  to 30 JAN 2019. 10 cadets from our NCC College boys unit from Ist Year attended this camp under the supervision of camp commandant, commander R.K. Saini Commanding Officer, 1 Haryana Naval Unit NCC Faridabad. There were lot of NCC activities were performed by Cadets namely Parade Trainning, Route March, Trekking, Firing, Weapon Traning, Yoga, Boat Work, Anchor Work, Semaphore, game etc. During camp, lots of competition were perfomed in between different participating colleges. Our NCC Cadet “ROHIT’ awarded as Best Cadet of the camp from all cadets of four colleges namely DAV, Aggarwal, JLN and Tigaon. We got following Prizes during camp.

In TEAM EVENTS like Volleyball,Drill,our cadets secured Gold medals.

SSB Guidlines and Skill Development Camp

Ropar Punjab

20th Jan to 29th Jan 2019

NCC Directorate organized  Camp at Ropar Punjab from 20th Jan  to 29th Jan 2019- Our Three Cadets – Cadet Prayag Rawat, Anuj Singh Negi, Afroz Allam attended this highly enviable camp. Besides various Naval activities the cadets were given a lot of educational and recreational exposure during this camp.

Swasth Bharat Rally

(Palwal – Badarpur)

23rd – 27th Jan 2019

THIS rally was organised to aware the People towards a healthy lifestyle.The Cadets Promted the message of SWACHH BHARAT, SWASTH BHARAT in a unique manner by Riding Bicycle  from Palwal to Badarpur from 23rd to 27th jan 2019. On Republic Day, The Cadets also Promoted the message  Through Bicycle Rally  in SPORTS COMPLEX  Sec.12 Faridabad.


(Navy Nagar, New Delhi)

21st May – 30th May 2018

The Camp held at Navy Nagar, New Delhi from 21st May – 30th May 2018 and  organised by 1 HR NU NCC Faridabad. 15 cadets from our college participated in this camp. Under the supervision of commanding officer Cdr. R.k Saini. The camp helped the cadets in learning basic diving techniques and also gather the information about various diving instruments.


Rupnagar, Ropar, Punjab

12th July – 21st July 2018

This  camp was organised at Ncc academy Ropar, Punjab from 12th july -21st july 2018. Under the supervision of Commodore B.R Singh. The was organised for the basic naval training of cadets by various activities like Boat pulling, Semaphore, Firing, Drill, Seamanship, Service Subject and best cadet etc.

03 Cadets of our college bagged four Medals:-

Cadet Aditya Raj was awarded Gold medal among Best Cadets.

Cadet Shashank Gautam was awarded Silver medal in service subject

and Bronze in Firing.

Cadet Mohit Choudhary was awarded Bronze medal in firing.