Inernational Conference 2014

Two day International Conference on Marketing:"Relationshp of Marketing with Business Growthin context of SMEs"

Day-1: Friday 12th, September 2014Day-2: Saturday 13th, September 2014

Conference Director -Dr. Satish Ahuja, Principal, DAV Centenary College

Convener - Dr.(Ms) Jyoti Rana

About Conference

The essence of marketing is to create value for customers and to capture value from customers in return. In today's time, the demands, values, ethics and norms of consumers are gradually transforming. A thorough understanding of consumers is imperative to make better business decisions, ranging from high-level strategic choices to tactical decisions on pricing, distribution, product policy and promotion. In response to the changing times, marketing concepts and practices have undergone significant changes, and concepts like Digital Marketing, Social Networking, Content Marketing, Neuro-Marketing, Green Marketing, Rural Marketing, Marketing Science and many others have emerged.

Objectives of the Conference:
  • To serve as a platform for developing and disseminating insights on the latest marketing concepts.
  • To gain profound understanding of the role of marketing in achieving growth in the context of SMEs.
  • To improve tha marketing strategy that can enhance the firm's performance and success.
To address the above aims, this conference is being organised.The conference will provide an opportunity for participants to network with seasoned scholars and practitioners and gain from their experiences and practices. ICMKT : C2A, 2014 will provide the platform for both Academia and corporates, local and foreign to showcase their learning and practices through their presentations at keynote sessions.

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